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Community Time Capsule for Black Futures 

How do we ensure our survival? How do we support our cultural longevity? What evidence will we leave behind for those who come after us of our resistance and of our joy? What strategies can we share with Black people living 10, 20, 30 years from now about how to survive in the United States? Black people living in the United States have endured hundreds of years of political, social and economic oppression. Along with the Indigenous people of this nation we have been the constant victims of domestic terrorism.  Facing displacement, forced removal, cultural erasure and death how do we persevere?


We welcome folks to share:
Objects, writings, photographs, affirmations, visual art pieces, audio recordings, video/film, books, zines, insights/advice, maps, symbols left as clues or direction such as those left on quilts for enslaved Africans traveling the Underground Railroad, community organizing strategies, information on how and where to find water or purify it, how to grow food, how to remediate soil, edible plants, how to do emergency medical care, herbal knowledge, how to build/use alternative internet infrastructure, what to do if you are pulled over by the police or find yourself in police custody, self-defense tactics, how to combat the effects of tear gas or other biological weapons used against those participating in civil disobedience, etc.


This project is intended for all ages and primarily aimed at capturing the contributions of Black Pittsburghers who would like to leave evidence, information and inspiration for those who come after us. The burial ceremony is a public event and open to as many people as capacity can allow at the digging site.  There will be special invitations and guests present to mark the occasion and to share their vision and hopes for how the Community Time Capsule for Black Futures will impact our community 30 years from now.

This Community Time Capsule for Black Futures will collect objects and information that will support the survival and healing of the Black body in the United States and how we transform terror through Black Joy, legacy building, memory making and the sharing of inter-generational wisdom. 

If you'd like to contribute to the Time Capsule please complete the interest form here

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