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The Black Unicorn Library and Archives Project 

Through installation, screen-printing, collage, language, and design my work focuses on creating library spaces as sites of possibility, for imagining what freedom looks like. What can we learn from the stories of our ancestors in order to create different and transformative ways of being on this planet with one another? How do we build a more just and equitable world? What will we contribute to the collective vision for liberation?


Black Unicorn is a beacon of inspiration fueled by the genius of Black women’s stories, queer and transgender herstories, a love of libraries, reading, and Audre Lorde. The Black Unicorn exists because there are not enough spaces to celebrate our beauty, to seek refuge from the world’s brutality, and for education that feeds us.


Black Unicorn centers the literary and artistic contributions of Black women, Black queer, Trans and gender-expansive people, and honors the far-reaching influence our courageous storytelling has had on the lives of generations worldwide. Black Unicorn brings a unique experience and lens to material collection, information sharing, and community building. 

Visit us at  to learn more and visit our Reading Room at BOOM Concepts at 5139 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15224.

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